King of Fighters '99: Dream Match

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Play as Orochi Team:
To play as the Orochi, highlight and press Start on Yashiro or Shermie
or Chris.

Play as Rugal B:
After beating the game once, go to the character select screen and
press Start after you highlight Rugal.

Clear Pause Screen:
Press both X + Y to have a clear pause screen.

Alternate Characters:
For some characters, when pressing A, B, X, or Y while holding start,
you'll be a different form of the character.

Alternate Costumes:
For some characters, when holding start and pressing X, they will have
a different costume.

Single Survival Mode:
To enable single survival mode, beat normal survival mode. Then when
selecting survival mode, hold start and press A. Now instead of fighting
agaist teams, you fight against single opponents.

Patrick Hofmann <>


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