King's Knight

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to revive my heroes!
A: OK! Hit reset, then Select on controller 1. Move yer cursor to the hero
   you wanna revive, press A, and hit Start. You can repeat this as much as
   you want until you think you're ready for stage 5.

Q: I want some magic-spell element help!
A: Crybaby.. sigh.. well, ok.

Knight Ray Jack
1. Just to the left of start
2. Down the stairs on the right (past the grove of trees)
3. On the right at you go up the stairs
4. Near the end of the stage on the right side

Wizard Daliva
1. Down the stairs in the second building to the left
2. On the right side at the start of climbing up the stairs

Monster Barusa
1. At the start of the stage on the left side
2. In the same part of land where you find the staircase
3. On the left, under a statue as you leave the stairs
4. In the field after the pond on the left side

Theif Toby
1. On the left just before the water
2. On the right side of the third island you'll find stairs; follow 'em
3. Just to the right as you climb to the top of the stairs
4. Where you find the sharks. You must collect the ?-ball; you can make a
   land bridge to the element

a: fires the weapon
b: activates yer hero's magic spell (in stage 5)
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