Ken Griffey Jr's Winning Run

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At the menu screen, where you can choose i player battle, 2
player battle, options, and so on, press...

JACK-Hold Up and press X,A,R,R,Y,A
SARGE-Hold X and press L,L,Up,Down,Left,Down
THUNDER-Hold Up-Right and press Y,B,X,B,B,X,A
PEELGOOD-Hold Down-Left and press B,Y,Y,A,Y
BUTCH- Hold L and press Y,R,A,X,R,R
ICE-Hold B and press Up,L,L,L,Right
SLYCK- Hold Y and press L,L,Up,L,Left,R
SPIKE-Hold R and press X,B,B,A,Y,Left,A
    * Night Game Code: When at bat, pause the game and press SELECT, DOWN,
      A, Y. Now unpause. Next time you get a hit the background will turn
      to night. You can do the code again to go back to day.
    * Extra Teams: After a comlpete season, go back to the title screen
      and press A, B, X, Y, UP, DOWN.
    * Power-Ups: These are done while you are at bat and the game is
         o Max Abillity - A, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, A, DOWN, SELECT
         o Slow Down - LEFT, A, RIGHT, DOWN, Y, SELECT
         o Random Pitches - LEFT, Y, A, RIGHT, SELECY
         o Super Pitches - B, A, DOWN, B, A, LEFT, LEFT, SELECT
         o Home Run - B, Y, B, Y, SELECT

Cheats contributed by Martin Strohmeier -

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