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Select the "Extras" option, then choose "Cheats". Enter the cheat at the cell
phone. An "Unlocked" message will confirm correct code entry.

Master code:              7145558092
All surfers:              9495556799
Level select:             3285554497
All boards:               6195554141
All suits:                7025552918
All tricks:               6265556043
All objectives completed: 8565558792
Maximum stats:            2125551776
Higher jumps:             2175550217
Perfect balance:          2135555721
First person view:        8775553825
  Pause game play and choose the "Camera Settings" option to change the view.
Play as Tony Hawk:        3235559787
Play as Freak:            3105556217
Play as Travis Pastrana:  8005556292
Play as Rainbow:          8185555555
Play as Tiki God:         8885554506
Trippy graphics:          8185551447
Enter this cheats at the "Cheats"-menu in "Extras". A message will confirm
correct code entry.

  7145558092      Master code

  9495556799      All surfers
  6195554141      All boards
  7025552918      All suits
  6265556043      All tricks

  3285554497      Level select
  2125551776      Maximum stats
  2175550217      Higher jumps
  2135555721      Perfect balance

  8775553825      First person view
  8185551447      Strange graphics

  3235559787      Play as Tony Hawk
  3105556217      Play as Freak
  8005556292      Play as Travis Pastrana
  8185555555      Play as Rainbow
  8885554506      Play as Tiki God

 Go to the Extra menu, then the Cheat menu, and the type in the codes to
 activate the effect:

 714-555-8092 - Cheat mode
 619-555-4141 - All boards
 328-555-4497 - All levels
 702-555-2918 - All suits
 949-555-6799 - All surfers
 626-555-6043 - All tricks
 877-555-3825 - First person view
 212-555-1776 - Maximum stats
 213-555-5721 - Perfect balance
 217-555-0217 - Higher jumps
 310-555-6217 - Play as Freak
 818-555-5555 - Play as Rainbow
 888-555-4506 - Play as Tiki God



Moves in the air:

 Air Walk:    LEFT    LEFT    CARVE
 Alley-oop:    DOWN    DOWN    CARVE
 Back Flip:    UP      DOWN    CARVE
 Blown Out:    UP      UP      SLIDE
 Cross Air:    UP      DOWN    GRAB
 Front flip:    DOWN    UP      CARVE
 Helicopter:    RIGHT   RIGHT   CARVE
 Indian:    RIGHT   LEFT    GRAB
 JC Air:    LEFT    RIGHT   GRAB
 Left Flip:    RIGHT   LEFT    CARVE
 Monkeyman:    DOWN    DOWN    GRAB
 Nac Nac:    LEFT    LEFT    GRAB
 Right Flip:    LEFT    RIGHT   CARVE
 Rodeo Clown:    UP      UP      CARVE
 Sunchild:    DOWN    UP      GRAB
 Tweaker:    RIGHT   RIGHT   GRAB

Moves on water:

 Caveman:   DOWN    UP      SLIDE
 Cheater's five:  UP      UP      GRAB
 Coffin:    DOWN    DOWN    SLIDE
 Cruiser:    UP      DOWN    GRAB
 Darkslide:    UP      DOWN    SLIDE
 Hang Ten:    UP      UP      SLIDE
 Lawndart:    UP      DOWN    SLIDE
 Manual:    UP      UP      CARVE
 Shove It Ollie:  UP      DOWN    CARVE
 Superman:    DOWN    UP      GRAB


For the Nintendo Gamecube version

  1. File:Kelly Slater s Pro Surfer faq.txt - Version 1.0

For the PC version

  1. File:Ksallcareers-other.rar - Unlock all careers
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