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Complete the named level to unlock the corresponding rewards.

   Alpine Escape         Card:     Military Snowmobile
                         MP-mode:  Assassination
                         MP-mode:  Grapple
                         MP-model: Max Zorin

   Chain Reaction        Card:     Rook
                         MP-model: Wai Lin

   Countdown level       Card:     Drake
                         MP-mode:  Explosive Scenery

   Deep Descent          Card:     Vanquish Submarine
                         MP-model: Nick Nack

   Double Cross          Card:     Mayhew
                         MP-mode:  Uplink
                         MP-model: Xenia Onatopp
                         Upgrade:  Sniper Rifle

   Enemies Vanquished    Card:     Vanquish Car
                         MP-model: Scaramanga
                         MP-model: May Day
                         Upgrade:  Camera

   Equinox level         Card:     James Bond
                         MP-mode:  GoldenEye Strike
                         MP-model: Bond Space Suit
                         Upgrade:  Sniper Rifle

   Island Infiltration   Card:     Ultralight
                         MP-mode:  Protection

   Night Shift           Card:     Kiko
                         MP-mode:  Team King Of The Hill

   Paris Prelude         Card:     Dominque
                         MP-model: Jaws
                         MP-model: Renard
                         Upgrade:  Missile

   Phoenix Fire          Card:     Alura
                         MP-mode:  Demolition

   The Exchange          Card:     Zoe Nightshade
                         MP-model: Oddjob
                         MP-model: Baron Samedi
                         Upgrade:  Pistol


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