James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing

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� Single Player Bonuses:
  Get the following number of "Gold" awards in Single Player Mode to unlock the
  corresponding bonus.

    BONUS                      AWARDS
    Production Stills 1             1
    Production Stills 2             2
    Production Stills 3             3
    Production Stills 4             4
    Production Stills 5             5
    Helicopter Weapon Upgrade       6
    Production Stills 6             7
    Serena                          8
    Production Stills 7             9
    Tank Weapon Upgrade            10
    Underworld                     11
    Cayenne Weapon Upgrade         12
    Production Stills 8            13
    Mya                            14
    Vanquish Weapon Upgrade        15
    Production Stills 9            16
    Miss Nagai                     17
    Production Stills 10           18
    Production Stills 11           19
    Katya                          20
    Triumph Weapon Upgrade         21
    Production Stills 12           22
    Production Stills 13           23
    Nanotank Weapon Upgrade        24
    Production Stills 14           25
    Gallery                        27

� Bond gadgets:
  Complete the indicated level to unlock the corresponding Bond gadget.

    GADGET                 LEVEL
    EMP Grenade            The Pontchartrain Bridge
    Frag Grenade           Ground Zero
    Network Tap            Diavolo's Plan
    Q-Cloak                Sand Storm
    Q-Spider               Sand Storm
    Q-Spider Dart          Diavolo's Plan
    Q-Spider Explosive     A Show of Force
    Q-Spider Nano          Diavolo's Plan
    Rappel                 Ground Zero
    RC Car                 Sand Storm
    Sleeper Dart           Sand Storm
    Strobe Grenade         Sand Storm
    Thermovision           Ground Zero

� Multi-Player characters:
  Get the following number of points to unlock the corresponding character
  in Multi-Player Mode.

    CHARACTER           POINTS
    Baron Samedi            50
    Odd Job                 70
    Egypt Commander         90
    Hazmat Guard           110
    Mya                    130
    Egypt Guard            180
    South Commander        210
    Moscow Guard           230
    Le Rouge               260
    003                    290
    Katya Jumpsuit         320
    Serena                 350
    Diavolo Moscow         400
    Serena alternate       430
    Miss Nagai             450

� Multi-Player arenas:
  Get the following number of points to unlock the corresponding arena in
  Multi-Player Mode.

    ARENA               POINTS
    Cistern                 30
    Test Lab               160
    Burn Chamber           370

� Completion bonuses:
  Complete all Single Player levels to unlock the MI6 Combat Simulator and
  the MI6 Survival Test bonuses.


You must collect the named amount of "Platinum Awards" to unlock the
corresponding code. Now you can pause game play in any single player level
and enter this code. Note: Codes cannot be enabled while trying to attain a
"Platinum" award to unlock other codes.

   EFFECT                   AWARDS         CODE
   Golden Gun                    1         X, Y, A, X, Y
   Improved traction             3         X, A, A, B, Y
   Improved battery              5         X, B, B, A, X
   Double ammunition             7         X, X, A, X, Y
   Double damage                 9         X, Y, Y, B, X
   Full ammunition              11         X, X, Y, B, B
   Cloak                        13         X, Y, A, Y, B
   Full battery                 15         X, Y, Y, A, X
   All weapons                  17         X, Y, A, A, X
   Unlimited battery            19         X, B, X, B, Y
   Unlimited ammunition         23         X, A, B, A, Y
   Slow motion driving          25         X, B, Y, A, Y
   Platinum gun                 27         X, B, B, X, A

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