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Unlockable .. How to Unlock
A.ku.mu ..... Earn a Jet ranking at Fortified Residential Zone.
Beat ........ Defeat Beat in a street race.
Boogie ...... Meet her in Kibogaoka Hill
Clutch ...... Follow DJ Professor K's instructions.
Cube ........ Defeat the Noise Tanks At Sky-Dinosaurian Square, then go to the bottom of the Sewage Facility and defeat Cube in the City Rush.
Doom Riders . Earn a Jet ranking at Dogenzaka Hill.
Garam ....... Successfully complete his challenges and he will join you.
Goji Rokkaku  Earn a Jet ranking at Rokkaku-Dai Heights.
Immortals ... Earn a Jet ranking in Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park.
Jazz ........ Go to the future site of Rokkaku Expo Stadium. Defeat Jazz at City Rush
Love Shockers Earn a Jet ranking at Hikage Street.
Noise Tank .. Earn a Jet ranking at Highway Zero.
NT-3000 ..... Earn a Jet ranking at Sky-Dinosaurium Square.
Poison Jam .. Earn a Jet rank in a test run at the Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility and at the bottom of Sewage Facility.
Potts ....... Earn a Jet rank at Kibogaoka Hill.
Rapid 99 .... Earn a Jet rank at 99th Street.
Rhyth ....... Go to the top of the Poison Jam warehouse in Rokkaku-dai Heights to find her the first time. Follow and find her two more times in the game.
RoBoy ....... Earn a Jet rank at Chou Street.
Soda ........ Defeat Soda in City Rush at Highway Zero.
Suga ........ Get 32 spray cans at Chuo Street then jump off of the dinosaur. Suga will be at the bottom of the stairs.
Zero Beat ... Earn a Jet rank in a test run at Shibuya Terminal.

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