Impact Racing

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Infinite Time (Note 1):
 8013824C 0742

Guns Always Cool:
 8013E554 0000

Note 1: During Bonus Stages, you must switch off the Pro Action Replay to exit.

All Weapons:
To gain all weapons at the start of the race, enter the password "ALL.TOOLEDUP".

Bonus Levels:
For access to six bonus levels, enter the password "BONUS.LEVELS".

Final Track:
To warp to the endgame, enter the password "ENDGAMELEVEL".

Enter the password "I.AM.IMMORTAL".

Level Select:
To select any level, enter the password "RABBITBADGER".

Sound Test:
For a sound test, enter the password "JOURNEYS.END"

Unlimited Ammo:
The password "LOADSOFSTUFF" grants unlimited ammo for any weapon you acquire.

Debug mode:
Enter "RABBITBADGER" as a password. If you entered the code correctly, the phrase "Debug Mode" will
appear at the bottom of the screen. Then the game's time limits, number of power-ups, enemy AI, and
track type may be adjusted.

Level passwords:
2 AR12, Double laser 00OG4KBOMO4Q
2 Destroyer, Double laser 00OG73K26XK
3 Destroyer, Missiles 01F96MBWA79K
4 AR12, Missiles 1MAT6XCE3OIL
5 Destroyer, Quad laser 02MO4CCLQ84A
7 Destroyer, Firewall 03HAV2DCMDU2
8 AR12, Quad Laser 0ZMAQKDS0OHG

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