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In I'm Not Alone! players will be in the character of a bold young exorcist who dares to tread where others feared, to an old mansion deep in the Austrian mountains. His aim - to free the mansion from the terrifying grips of a supernatural power.

Disfigured demons have risen from the underworld and spread fear and terror devouring anyone in their path! His special skills as a psychic medium enable him to change between reality and demon world in order to take up the challenge and fight the creatures from hell. With a quick trigger finger and a sharp mind the player explores the eerie mansion to reveal a horrifying secret

I'm Not Alone offers a cinematic game playing experience with the aim of placing the player in the role hero, facing terror at every twist and turn. It boasts realistic and highly detailed graphics, thanks to the powerful S2Engine and mixes logical puzzle design and engaging close combat.


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