Hydro Thunder

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All Tracks in Two-Player Mode:
Play each race in two player mode and win to unlock secret tracks
(for two player only). Eventually, you'll unlock all the tracks and then
all the secret boats. This unlimited two player mode is great for
practicing and finding shortcuts.

Clean Pause:
While racing, press Start and while the pause menu is up, press X and Y
together. This will get rid of the pause menu and you can get a clear
picture of what is around you on screen.

Earning Tracks and Boats:
To race the medium tracks, finish each of the three Easy courses in the
Top 3 positions, and you will get all the medium tracks, plus medium
hydroboats, too.

To race the hard tracks, finish each of the Medium tracks in first or
second position, and you will get access to the hard tracks, plus hard
boats too.

To get bonus tracks, finish each of the Hard courses in first place only,
and you will get one bonus track, and bonus cars too. Then, finish the
bonus track in first to get another, then repeat that to get the others
until you've conquered Hydro Thunder.

Race as a Fishing Boat
Enable all of the hidden tracks. Highlight the Thresher at the boat
selection screen. Then, hold L + R and press View two times. Select the
Chumdinger to race in a fishing boat.

Race as the Tiny Titanic:
You have to beat the easy courses in the top three to get the medium
courses. After you have the medium courses then beat them by placing in
the top two to get the hard courses. Beat these by placing first in all
the races to get the bonus tracks. Beat the first three bonus tracks in
first and you will be able to race with the most awesome boat in the game.
The Tiny Titanic.

Turbo Start:
Hold left trigger while game is loading. As the number 3 fades release
left and hold Right trigger. As the number 2 fades do the opposite
(release right and hold left trigger). then do the opposite again as
the number 1 fades (you should end with right trigger held.)

Patrick Hofmann <ph@dlh.net>

This trick assumes the game is under the default controller
- Hold L during the pre-race countdown.
- Release L and hold R when the countdown reaches "3".
- Release R and hold L when the countdown reaches "2".
- Release L and hold R when the countdown reaches "1".
If done correctly, your boat will get a faster start and
a four-second boost.

Cheat submitted by: Camilo (camilolc@uol.com.br)

(You need a GameShark 3.0 or higher to use these codes)

F124FFA0 2400   Enable Code (Must Be On)

812C4C9C 4190   Infinite Boost

812B4890 42C8   Infinite Time

812C4C96 0001   Always Place First

50000D01 0000   Have All Boats
802B5CA2 0001

50000D01 0000   Have All Tracks       
802B5C94 0003


802B5CA2 0001   Armed Response

802B5CA3 0001   Tinytanic

802B5CA4 0001   Thresher

802B5CA5 0001   Tiorl Blade

802B5CA6 0001   Banshee

802B5CA7 0001   Damn The Torpedoes

802B5CA8 0001   Midway

802B5CA9 0001   Miss Behave

802B5CAA 0001   Cutthroat

802B5CAB 0001   Rad Hazard

802B5CAC 0001   Razorback

802B5CAD 0001   Chumdinger

802B5CAE 0001   Blowfish


802B5C94 00??   Hydro Speedway

802B5C95 00??   Catacomb

802B5C96 00??   The Far East

802B5C97 00??   Lake Powell

802B5C98 00??   Greek Isles

802B5C99 00??   Thunder Park

802B5C9A 00??   Lost Island

802B5C9B 00??   Arctic Circle

802B5C9C 00??   Ship Graveyard

802B5C9D 00??   Venice Canals

802B5C9E 00??   N.Y. Disaster

802B5C9F 00??   Nile Adventure

802B5CA0 00??   Castle VCM Dandy

                00 - Locked & Not Completed
                01 - Unlocked & Not Completed
                03 - Unlocked & Completed

Codes submitted by: Camilo (camilolc@uol.com.br)

All Tracks and Boats:
 50000602 0000
 800A30A4 0000
 300A30B0 0000

Endless Turbo:
 80050EDE 3C00

Maximum Money:
 800974C8 FFFF

Stop Timer:
 80098142 0000

Endless Time:
 8009813E 0040

1st Place:
 8009EBC0 0001

Far East Shortcut:
After the Blue Boost that's hanging out in the air, you'll hit a bunch of small waterfalls followed
by a Tunnel. If you jump on top of the Tunnel, you'll cut you're time in half for that section.

Venice Canals Shortcut:
When you get to the part with the three hard turns in a row (left, right, left) you can skip all of
this by jumping over the island in between them both. This comes shortly after the part with the