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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I continue? What's going on? I have to start at the beginning of
   the game! why doesn't the save feature work? WTF?!?!!
A: Chill out. First off, allow me to explain the difference between 'password'
   and 'save' in the subscreen. 'password' gives you a password. Write that
   password down you dork kupo! The 'save' option works more like a continue
   feature. During the game you can select 'save' and continue to play. When
   you die you can just select 'load' and you'll start from where you last
   did a 'save'.

Q: What's the deal with that chest in the graveyard?
A: Well, you need to find the key. It's located in the dungeon maze where
   the ropers attack you.

Q: How do I get the lamp?
A: You will receive the lamp after you defeat the Vampire.

Q: Where are the jewels?
A: The FIRST jewel is inside the chest in the graveyard.
   The SECOND jewel is in a chest in the dungeon.
   The THIRD jewel is your reward for defeating the dragon.

Q: Where are the fairies?
A: You will find the FIRST FAIRY after you defeat the wasps that attack you.
   The SECOND FAIRY is given after you defeat the trees that attack you.
   The THIRD FAIRY is given you after destroying the two wizards.

Q: How do I kill the two wizards, then?
A: Stand in the river, and use FIRE. You must hit both of them with the same
   shot or they won't die!

Q: Where's the sword?
A: In a chest inside the dungeon where the will'o'wisps attack you.

Q: And the shield?
A: Inside a chest in the dungeon where the laydams attack you.


RMQMLJVKV3W2PNG5 - fight Varalys
XBNMXMPNWQMNQHB7 - 90% life, 100% strength, 90% magic and direct access to
                   Boralis' chamber
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