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Note: This game was released under three different names:
      "Holy Magic Century" (PAL)
      "Quest 64" (USA)
      "Eltale Monsters" (JAP)

Super attack:
Get within striking distance of the staff during combat. Select
any spell, then press A. This will result in an attack with both
the staff and magic spell in a single turn.

Hint: Finding element stones:
When looking for element stones on your journey, look for
"bubbles" shooting out of the ground. It resembles smoke
shooting out of the ground from a distance. When this
location is approached, a question mark will appear.
Tap A, and the element stone selection menu will appear.
Then, just choose which element stone you have found.

Hint: Element stone in the hay:
After you leave the castle, turn left and go to the stable
with the horse. There is an element stone in the hay pile.

Hint: Avoiding enemy magic:
There is little time to dodge an enemy spell in battle.
Hold the Analog-stick over while the enemy is casting a
spell. By the time the spell arrives, your character should
be out of the way. Note: Practice is required with this
trick, since it does not automatically work all the time.

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