Herr der Ringe: Die Rckkehr des Knigs

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Pause game play, then hold L + R and one of this codes. A sound will confirm
correct code entry.

  X, DOWN, Y, A           Perfect mode*
  UP, DOWN, Y, B          All attack upgrades*
  B, X, B, Up             Invincibility*
  B, B, X, X              Full health*
  B, B, DOWN, X           Unlimited missile weapons
  Y, UP, Y, DOWN          Always devastating*
  DOWN, X, UP, B          Target indicator*

  UP, B, Y, DOWN          Aragorn four-hit combo*
  UP, B, Y, UP            Aragorn level 8 skills

  A, B, UP, A             Faramir four-hit combo*
  X, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN     Faramir level 8 skills

  DOWN, B, DOWN, X        Frodo four-hit combo*
  X, x, DOWN, DOWN        Frodo level 8 skills

  DOWN, Y, UP, X          Gandalf four-hit combo*
  X, B, DOWN, DOWN        Gandalf level 8 skills

  Y, B, UP, A             Gimli four-hit combo*
  A, X, DOWN, B           Gimli level 8 skills

  A, X, Y, B              Legolas four-hit combo*
  B, UP, UP, DOWN         Legolas level 8 skills

  Y, A, B, B              Merry four-hit combo*
  DOWN, Y, A, B           Merry level 8 skills

  A, A, DOWN, X           Pippin four-hit combo*
  B, UP, UP, X            Pippin level 8 skills

  UP, DOWN, Y, Y          Sam four-hit combo*
  X, X, Y, Y              Sam level 8 skills

  A, A, Y, Y              Play as Faramir
  X, B, B, A              Play as Frodo*
  A, DOWN, DOWN, A        Play as Merry*
  Y, X, B, DOWN           Play as Pippin*

  UP, B, Y, A             Aragorn gains 1,000 experience points
  DOWN, Y, UP, DOWN       Frodo gains 1,000 experience points
  X, Y, UP, DOWN          Gandalf gains 1,000 experience points
  X, X, Y, A              Gimli gains 1,000 experience points
  A, Y, UP, A             Legolas gains 1,000 experience points
  Y, A, DOWN, A           Sam gains 1,000 experience points

  * The game must be completed first before this code can be enabled.

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