Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank

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Earn the alloted achievements by completing the required task.
Unlockable .............. How to Unlock
Big Red Button (10) ..... Go Ballistic... Use your first Nuke!
Cannon Happy (20) ....... Complete 11 missions without Nukes of reinforcements.
Champion of Freedom (25)  Survive 12 minutes of the enemy's attack in any Survival game.
Cockroad of Freedom (15)  Withstand 8 minutes of the Red Star onslaught in any Survival game.
ComSat Uplink (10) ...... Play over Xbox Live with 3 other players for at least 1 minute.
Freedom's Last Stand (25) Defeat all 19 Red Star champions in Boss Blitz mode.
Joint Command (10) ...... Stand together with another player to complete one mission.
Massive Destruction (20)  Destroy 12 enemies with a single Nuke.
Stockpile (15) .......... Amass 5,000,000 points.
Supaweapon! (10) ........ Collect components to complete a Megalaser.
Ultimate Tanker (25) .... Dispel the enemies of liberty. Finish Mission mode.
World Tour (15) ......... Take a tour of each Red Star country and trash the place! Complete the first 9 missions.

Widescreen glitch

If you play the game in widescreen 1080i, switch your console settings to 480 normal. The game gets dramatically easier. You will see less enemies on screen and the bosses will only fire half the amount of shots (in most cases).