Hearts of Iron 3: Semper Fi

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Hearts of Iron 3: Semper Fi is the first extension for the World War II strategy game Hearts of Iron 3.

The game includes:

  • Player-determined hidden victory conditions that will keep opponents guessing
  • Greater cooperation with allies, allowing players to request troops, convince their allies to attack a specific target and more
  • Hundreds of new events added to immerse players in their own version of World War II, comparing the unfolding, alternate timeline to real history
  • Vastly improved AI that will defend its territories valiantly, marshal large naval taskforces and launch multi-stage invasions


<sgallery> File:Hoi3 20 days.jpg File:Hoi3 Alpha dec11.jpg File:Hoi3 Beta apr15 1.jpg File:Hoi3 Beta apr15 2.jpg File:Hoi3 Beta apr22 2.jpg File:Hoi3 Beta apr29 1.jpg File:Hoi3 4july 1943 us pre-husky c.jpg File:Hoi3 Preperations.jpg </sgallery>

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