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DDCD-3763               Start a new game with 0 gold
74CD-3763               Start a new game with 500 gold
9DCD-3763 + A7CD-37A3   Start a new game with 500000 gold
EECD-3763 + EECD-37A3   Start a new game with 655350 gold

If the codes above don't work on your game pak, use these alternate codes.

DDCD-A763               Start a new game with 0 gold
74CD-A763               Start a new game with 500 gold

9DCD-A763 + A7CD-A7A3   Start a new game with 500000 gold
EECD-A763 + EECD-A7A3   Start a new game with 655350 gold

Infinite gold.  You cannot buy something if it costs more than the
amount of gold you have.  Only turn it on when buying stuff or else you
can't gain money.

Buy something and you gold goes to 654850 and doesn't decrease when you
buy anything and you can't gain any money while it's on like the one
above.  Use this code instead of the one above if you don't have enough
money to buy something.

Walk through walls.  Not quite perfect as it will glitch out once in a
while in the mountains and you can't walk across plowed fields.  Use it
to get the gold axe in the very beginning.

Cheat contributed by Mercuryus MIKE - MercMike@t-online.de

View Your Current Ending Sequence

Hold R + L + Start + Select immediately after the lights go out when done writing in the diary. You must hold down the buttons the entire time. Eventually you will see the ending sequence that would be given to you if the game ended at your current level of progress.


Clock	- Get the first house extension before the first Summer ends.

Secret Items

These unlockables are unlocked when playing through the game and performing certain tasks.

Money Tree	- Have over 20000G and buy it from the Hawker in the fall
Magic Bean	  - sell a cow; if the hawker comes and offers a bean in exchange for the cow, accept his offer


Get a free baby cow in two days.

Buy a miracle potion and a cow medicine. Give the potion to a full-grown cow, and right after you do that, give the medicine to said cow quickly. The cow will be pregnant, and a baby cow will be born in two days or so, instead of waiting a season.

Wascaly Wabbit = 1000G

At some point in the game, you can randomly find a rabbit on the mountain. If you run up to it and press A, you catch it. Then the hunter runs up and offers you 1000G to let it go.


For the Nintendo Gameboy version

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For the Super Nintendo version

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  2. File:Harvest Moon faq 1.txt - ...
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