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Level Passwords

In order to unlock a certain number of teams, input the stated passwords in the Password option from the main menu.
Password                Effect
X4LX9L                  10 Teams Beaten
XDLXRH                  11 Teams Beaten
XPKXQJ                  12 Teams Beaten
XZJXPM                  13 Teams Beaten
X8HXNQ                  14 Teams Beaten
XTGX3H                  15 Teams Beaten
XCTXJK                  2 Teams Beaten
XNSXHD                  3 Teams Beaten
XYRXGT                  4 Teams Beaten
X7QXFL                  5 Teams Beaten
XHQXXG                  6 Teams Beaten
XSPXWD                  7 Teams Beaten
XZNXVS                  8 Teams Beaten

Unlockable Players

In order to unlock new players, you have to score a total score of the stated points in your matches.
Unlockable              How to Unlock
Anthony Greenup         Get 300 points
Dwayne Rogers           Get 750 points
Eugene Edgerson         Get 1150 points
Globie                  Get 1200 points
Herbert Lang            Get 500 points
Jefferson Sobral        Get 950 points
Jimmy Twyman            Get 1100 points
Keiron Shine            Get 850 points
Kevin Daley             Get 100 points
Larry House             Get 350 points
Lincoln Smith           Get 900 points
Matt Jackson            Get 400 points
Maurice Shaw            Get 800 points
Michael Lee             Get 550 points
Michael Wilson          Get 150 points
Mike St. Julien         Get 1000 points
Nate Lofton             Get 600 points
Otis Key                Get 450 points
Paul Gaffney            Get 250 points
Reggie Phillips         Get 700 points
Robert Turner           Get 1050 points
Scooter McFadgon        Get 650 points
Sterling Forbes         Get 200 points

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