Guardian Heroes

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1. Choose an go into the option mode.
2. Press A+Y+C
3. Go into the set up screen (1st item of the list of option mode)
4. Now Debug option is at the end of the list.
   What Debug mode gives you
   For Story Mode

1. Start with Level 200
2. Stage Select
3. Max or Zero life
a. Pause the Game
b. hold x+y+z
c. press up on the D-pad for max life or down for zero life

4. Forward or go Back to different battle scenes. a. forward 1 scene -
b. 2 scenes - R+A+Start
c. 3 scenes - R+B+start
d. 4 scenes - R+C+Start
e. Backwards 1 scene - L+R+Start
f. 2 scenes - L+R+A+Start
g. 3 scenes - L+R+B+Start
h. 4 scenes - L+R+C+Start

You can play all 45 characters in Vs battle

You can max your characters power out

You can choose which stage to begin on in story mode

You can watch the different endings.

Guarding Heroes Text Tip

Instead of holding C to go through all that boring text hit the Right
Shift button to scroll all the way to the end.

Guardian Heroes Nicole Tip

Using Nicoles "I'm Angry Now" move (B+C) will drain some of your HPs,
however if done succesfully against foes Nicole will recover a lot of her
magic points, which can then be used to heal yourself or others. This is
a good way to get back magic points and gain levels fast.

98 Continues

Set the game on easy and allow yourself to be killed after you have
jumpred out of the starting room. Then choose "Give Up". Now in options
set the difficulty on Hard and begin Story Mode again. When you die you
should have 98 continues left.


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