Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball

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Enter during a game.
Code                    Effect
While holding Black+X+Right Trigger, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left, Down, Up.	Flying

Select any pro player in single player mode:

Go to "My Character", then hold LEFT ANALOG-STICK Left while tapping Y. This will change your character to any pro of your choice. Pro players must be "unlocked" for this to work.
Code                    Effect
hold LEFT ANALOG-STICK left while tapping Y.	Unlocks Pro Players.

Unlockable modes

Purchase these when your character is fully maxxed out. Accessed by the my character menu, and pressing white when your character is maxxed.
Unlockable              How to Unlock
Extra team decals       25 experience points
God mode                25 experience points
Slow motion             25 experience points


Unlockable              How to Unlock
All characters          Play all of the single player tournaments and place in the top three.
Bronze goggles          Place first in the first two tournaments.
Bronze marker           Place first in the first two tournaments.

Shoot Paintballs Out Of Your Head

Ok go to a bunker on your knees and snap up and hold L. Then press down on the D-Pad and walk straight forward into the bunker then while still holding L. Just keep walking forward and holding L and you will shoot paintballs out of your head.

Skip to the finals in tournaments.

To skip straight to the final round of any tournament, excluded the first, simply beat the first and instead of playing the new tournament, play the first til you reach the final round of it. Once it shows you the bracket click A and instead of pressing A to start hit B and play the newest tournament. You should be put in the final round.

Play pro characters in Single Player Mode

While in the main single player menu, goto my character, hold left or right on the D-Pad, and then use the white button to select different characters, including pros.

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