Grand Theft Auto 2

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Cheat Menu:
Enter the following Cheats as a player name:
Level select: ITSALLUP
All weapons: NAVARONE
Unlimited energy: LIVELONG
No police: LOSEFEDS
Max. wanted level: DESIRES
5x multiplier: HIGHFIVE
10 million points: BIGSCORE
Debug basic scripts: NOFRILLS

Submission:Markus Gut (

          Turbo mode:
Enter IGNITION as a player name.

Extra money:
Enter MUCHCASH as a player name.

          Maximum wanted level:

          Display coordinates:
Enter WUGGLES as a player name.

Play the game disc in an audio CD player. The soundtrack can be heard on tracks two andhigher.

Tune radio:
Press UP when driving a car that has a radio to change stations.

Markus Gut (

 All cheats has to be entered as names:

 LIVELONG - Cannot be hurt by pistol bullets
 MUCHCASH - 500.000 Dollar

 To activate the following cheats you 1st have to place GOURANGA as name.
 Now erase this again and type in:

 GODOFGTA - All weapons
 EATSOUP  - Shop for free
 COCKTART - No point counter
 NEKKID   - Pedestrians naked
 CUTIE1   - 99 lives
 IAMDAVEJ - 999.9999 points
 SEGARULZ - Points 10X
 BUCKFAST - Aggressive pedestriants
 ARSESTAR - Keep weapons after death
 TUMYFROG - All level incl. bonus level accessible
 FISHFLAP - Mini cars
 DANISGOD - 200.000 credits
 VOLTFEST - Unlimited electro gun
 LASVEGAS - Pedestrians look like Elvis
 FLAMEON  - Unlimited flame thrower
 HUNSRUS  - Invisibility
 SCHURULZ - Damage 2X
 UKGAMER  - All areas
 JAILBAIT - Free from jail
 MADEMAN  - Max respect
 RSJABBER - Invulnerability
 HAMSTER  - All people look like hamster


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  20. File:Gta26-trainer.rar - Start and click
  21. File:Gta23-savegame.rar
  22. File:Gtademo-other.rar - Remove the time limit in the demo version
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