Gorky 17

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 Start the game with the command-line parameter 760722. Press [Q]
 during the fight to win.


 I used a hex editor and did a search in the main game.exe for the value
 of 760722 and the result was anch760722.

 Next I created a shortcut for the game as folows:

 C:\Games\Odium\odium.exe anch760722

 After starting the game, the [~] or [F11] brings up a cheat console marked
 with X. Whichever character is selected, type in


 hit [Enter] and that character will be completely healed. You can even do
 this during combat. Also during combat, hit [Q] to win, but you get no
 experience points for the fight.

 By George K. Ison aka GARR


  1. File:Gorky17Waffenliste-other.rar
  2. File:Gorky17-other.rar
  3. File:Odium-trainer.rar - Max skill
  4. File:Gorky-other.rar
  5. File:Gorky2-trainer.rar
  6. File:Gorky-trainer.rar - Train ammo and health