Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee

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� Taunt:
  Press  X + A  or  X + B  to taunt the opposite.

� Mothership level:
  Successfully complete adventure mode as Mecha Godzilla.

� Picture Gallery:
  Play the game in medium or hard difficulty setting in adventure mode and
  collect the silver Atari symbols, you can find when you destroy the buildings.
  This will unlock some pictures.


Hold L + B + R (in that order) at the main menu and then release B, R, L (in
that order) to display the code entry screen. Now you can enter this codes.
A monster will roar to confirm correct code entry.

   537084   Play as Destroyah
   616233   Play as Gigan
   225133   Play as Godzilla 2000
   877467   Play as King Ghidrah
   131008   Play as Mecha Godzilla
   557456   Play as Mecha King Ghidrah
   202412   Play as Orga
   104332   Play as Rodan

   696924   All monsters (except Orga)
   480148   All cities

   661334   Technicolor mode
   567980   Black and white mode
   913963   Smog mode

   112122   Indestructible buildings
   756287   All buildings and objects throwable
   760611   11 continues in adventure mode
   256806   Toggle military response
   308929   Extra damage done by military
   135984   Player status always displayed
   465472   Telephone
   176542   View credits
   097401   View version number

   443253   Disable life and energy display
   562142   Disable health power-ups
   413403   Disable energy power-ups
   119702   Disable rage power-ups
   134615   Disable Mothra power-ups
   841720   Disable freeze tanks

   174204   Small players
   986875   Small player one
   971934   Small player two
   895636   Small player three
   795735   Small player four

   316022   Invisible players
   459113   Invisible player two

   649640   Unlimited rage for player one
   122224   Unlimited rage for player two
   548053   Unlimited rage for player three
   451242   Unlimited rage for player four

   505634   No damage for all players
   843901   No damage for player one
   706149   No damage for player two
   188522   No damage for player three
   286552   No damage for player four

   817683   Extra damage done by all players
   511012   Extra damage done by player one
   815480   Extra damage done by player two
   212454   Extra damage done by player three
   286552   Extra damage done by player four

   492877   Regenerate energy
   650867   Energy boost for player one
   677251   Unlimited energy for player one
   435976   Unlimited energy for player two
   603696   Unlimited energy for player three
   291680   Unlimited energy for player four

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