Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

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INVULN   Invincibility
ALLFUL   Always have nine potions and keys
XSPEED   Run quickly
QCKSHT   Throw quickly
10000K   10,000 gold per level

SSHOTS   Permanent super shot with large crossbow
EGG911   Permanent Pojo the Chicken
1ANGEL   Permanent Anti-Death
000000   Permanent invisibility
PEEKIN   Permanent x-ray vision
PURPLE   Permanent full turbo
MENAGE   Permanent triple shot
REFLEX   Permanent reflect shot
DELTA1   Permanent shrink enemy and growth

ICE600   Dwarf is a large jester
NUD069   Dwarf wears a S&M costume

STX222   Jester is a stick figure with smiley face
KJH105   Jester is a stick figure with baseball cap head
PNK666   Jester is a stick figure with Mohawk head

BAT900   Knight is a Roman centurion
TAK118   Knight is a ninja (sword and claws) costume
STG333   Knight is a bald man in street clothes (Sean Gugler)
RIZ721   Knight is a quarterback
KAO292   Knight is an orange-skirted waitress
CSS222   Knight wears street clothes (Chris Sutton)
ARV984   Knight wears street clothes
DIB626   Knight wears street clothes and baseball cap
SJB964   Knight wears black karate outfit with twin scythes
DARTHC   Knight wears black outfit and cape

TWN300   Valkyrie as the grim reaper with bloody scythe
AYA555   Valkyrie as a Japanese school girl
CEL721   Valkyrie as a cheerleader with baton

MTN200   Warrior is an Orc Boss
CAS400   Warrior with an ogre costume
RAT333   Warrior with a rat head

GARM99   Wizard with an evil appearance
GARM00   Wizard is an undead lich
DES700   Wizard is a pharaoh
SKY100   Wizard is an alien
SUM224   Wizard is Sumner


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