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Oil Panic tips:
  Tips for the Modern Version of Oil Panic. On your lower screen you have
  probably noticed Bowser on top of the castle. He faces in the direction of an
  oil drop. He faces the left the middle and the right. When 2 oil drops come
  down Bowser faces the oil coming down last, that's your cue to get the drop
  away from where Bowser is facing first then quickly get back and get the other
  oil drop.

Get lots of points:
  If you fill both of your buckets and feed it to Yoshi he will spit out a
  block. Get four blocks on one side and Yoshi will jump on them and spit out a
  fire ball at Bowser giving you points galore! You can get coins out of blocks
  and a heart after getting 200 points.

Hints by Felipe Gerhard -


Erase saved data:
  To erase all the game data, press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT
  at the title screen.

Quick save:
  To save quickly, pause the game then turn off the Game Boy. The next time you
  turn it on you'll resume play in the same place.

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