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Grand Theft Auto - Complete Cheat List
by Molcuti Mihai aka HELLix of RRP

When you choose your character press [DEL] and enter code. You can repeat this
so you can enter more cheats. Type them just how I typed them here:

Cheat                    Effect:
itsgallus                All Levels All Cities
nineinarow               All Levels All Cities
super well               All Levels All Cities
iamthelaw                No Police
stevesmates              No Police
itcouldbeyou             Gives You 999.999.999 Points
suckmyrocket             Start With All Weapons & Powerups
itstantrum               Unlimited Lives
6031769                  Unlimited Lives
hate machine             Multiplier Raised to 10
buckfast                 Press the * on the NUMPAD and get all the weapons
callmenigel              Press the * on the NUMPAD and get all the weapons
iamgarypenn              Enable Extra Offensive Language Mode
iamnotgarypenn           Disable Extra Offensive Language Mode
Heart of Gold            View All Cutscenes
porkcharsui              Diagnostic Mode. Activates these keys:
                         Key          Effect
                         K            Zoom Out
                         L            Zoom In
                         ]            Zoom Out
                         [            Zoom In
                         NUMPAD 8     Move Camera Up
                         NUMPAD 2     Move Camera Down
                         NUMPAD 6     Move Camera Right
                         NUMPAD 4     Move Camera Left
                         NUMPAD *     All Weapons With 99 Ammo
                         NUMPAD +     Advance Frame By Frame
                         ALT          Quick Frame Advance
                         HOME         Center The View
                         R            Refresh The Screen
                         D            Take Screenshot
                         C            Current Status
                         F12          Restart The Level

Level Warp Codes

Enter the Level Warp Code (F10 + W) during play to be prompted to enter one of the following numbers to instantly transport to its corresponding level. Levels 6, 8, 11, and 13 have no names, are not accessible during normal play, and all contain the same layout and items.
Code                    Effect
09                      Apple Acres
15                      Boobus' Chamber
03                      Bridge Bottoms
12                      Brussels Sprout Bay
16                      Castle Tuberia
10                      Grape Grove
01                      Horseradish Hill
11                      Level 11
13                      Level 13
06                      Level 6
08                      Level 8
05                      Parsnip Pass
04                      Rhubarb Rapids
07                      Spud City
14                      Squash Swamp
00                      The Land of Tuberia (World Map)
02                      The Melon Mines

Various cheats.

Press both keys shown at once during gameplay to activate the cheat.
Code                    Effect
F10 + I                 Free Items.
F10 + G                 God mode.
F10 + J                 Jump higher.
F10 + S                 Slow gameplay.
F10 + W                 Warp to next level.


  1. File:Gta-other 2.rar - New cars as the Mini or KITT'
  2. File:Gta2-other 2.rar
  3. File:Gta-editor 1.rar - M1Win for Windows - Car Editor
  4. File:Gta-trainer 2.rar - Please read readme.txt for more information
  5. File:Gta deutsch-other 1.rar
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