Freedom Fighters

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 While in game type in fast:

 ioigod      -  God Mode
 ioiflymo    -  Flymo Ragdolls
 ioicharisma -  Charisma
 ioiammo     -  Unlimited Ammo
 ioiblind    -  Invisable Mode
 ioifastmo   -  Fast Motion
 ioislowmo   -  Slow Motion
 ioishotgun  -  Gives Shotgun
 ioirocket   -  Gives Rocket Launcher
 ioihgun     -  Gives Hgun
 ioisniper   -  Gives Sniper Rifle
 ioirifle    -  Gives Rifle

 Console cheats:

 Edit the file freedom.ini and put in a line

 Enableconsole 1

 In the game bring down the console by pressing [`] while playing and
 type in any of these cheats below:

 flymo         - Fly
 giveall       - Givesall
 giveneeded    - Give needed for level
 god           - God
 goto <map>    - Goto map, where <map> is enter map name
 hiraclip      - Clipping Mode
 infammo       - Unlimited Ammo
 invisable     - Invisable
 nailgun       - Give Nailgun
 no_damage     - No Damage
 radar         - Give radar
 reload        - Reloads Weapon
 blockfire     - Blocks Enemie Fire


  1. File:Gghz-FF unlock-other.rar
  2. File:Gghz-FF tr-trainer.rar - Trainer for god mode, invisibility and ammo
  3. File:Tecffalc-other.rar - Play all levels
  4. File:Pzfrefit-trainer.rar - Mega trainer
  5. File:Pzdffst-trainer.rar - Trainer for health, ammo and charisma
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