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 Type in at any menu:

 bubbles        activates cheat mode
 iamzeus        god mode
 thefullmonty   turns on level switch capability
 titsoot        If you have access to the special ship, turns on the
                "adult" textures.
 lumberjack     This turns on a missile toggle. Hitting quick key for
                Mug selects normal, hit Mug again for spiraling Mug,
                once more for bouncy-Mug. (2 bounces) Hitting quick key
                for Solaris selects normal, once more for homing plasma
                like the turrets use, once more for extra powerful blue
                homing plasma.
 jimbeam        This turns on the beam toggle. Hitting laser quick key
                selects normal laser. once more for electro-beam like
                LevTank. once more for superbeam from hades.

 To kill any enemie with only on hit edit the file enemies.txt
 in ...\forsaken\data and put a 0 for any shield value.

 If you have a censored (= bloodless) version of the game:

 - Start Regedit
 - Look for the value of "GoreGuts"
 - Change "00 00 00 00" to "01 00 00 00"
 - Save and end registry editing
 - Give blood !

 Hex level cheat:

 The saved game files are in the SAVEGAME folder under the folder
 that Forsaken is installed into. The saved game data is in the
 files named SAVExx.SAV where xx is the save slot the game was
 saved into.

 To access any level of the game use a hex editor to change the
 level name which starts in the ninth decimal position of the file.
 You may have to overwrite the end of a longer level name that was
 there previously with binary zeros. For example, Using a level 3
 saved game file to skip to level 4, you would write "thermal";,
 then 1 byte of binary zeros to overlay the last byte of "nps-sp01".
 Also, depending on which level the saved game actually is and
 which level is desired to be accessed, one or more bytes of binary
 zeros may need to be added or deleted from the end of the level
 name entered. For instance, when "capship" was written over
 "fedbankv", one byte of binary zeros had to be added for a total
 of two bytes of binary zeros, before the level would load. The
 following lists the level names of the game:

 1  = vol2
 2  = asubchb
 3  = nps-sp01
 4  = thermal
 5  = fedbankv
 6  = pship
 7  = spc-sp01
 8  = bio-sphere
 9  = nukerf
 10 = capship
 11 = space
 12 = high
 13 = military
 14 = azt-sp01 (last regular level)
 15 = azchb (secret level?)

 And one more thing:

 Go to the subdirectory \data\textures and make a backup of the
 file NGRID8BT.BMP. Now rename the file NNGRID8BT.BMP to
 NGRID8BT.BMP. Now the driver Nubia rides her bike naked !
 (I think, it's still men who design computer games)

Enter the cheats when "Press Start" appears on the opening screen.
The phrase "Got it" will be spoken and a message will appear to
confirm correct code entry.

Turbo crazy mode                 B, B, R, UP, LEFT, DOWN, C-UP, C-LEFT

Psychedelic mode         A, R, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, C-UP, C-LEFT, C-DOWN

Wire-frame mode                 L, L, R, Z, LEFT, RIGHT, C-UP, C-RIGHT

Gore mode        Z, DOWN, C-UP, C-LEFT, C-LEFT, C-LEFT, C-LEFT, C-DOWN

Level select                    A, R, Z, UP, UP , C-UP, C-DOWN, C-DOWN

Invincibility                A, Z, Z, UP, LEFT, C-LEFT, C-LEFT, C-DOWN

Instant kills                          B, B, B, L, R, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN

Paused opponents     R, Z, RIGHT, RIGHT, C-UP, C-LEFT, C-RIGHT, C-DOWN

Unlimited main weapon    A, R, Z, RIGHT, C-UP, C-RIGHT, C-DOWN, C-DOWN

Unlimited secondary weapon  B, B, Z, LEFT, LEFT, C-UP, C-LEFT, C-RIGHT

Unlimited Solaris missiles            B, L, L, Z, UP, DOWN, C-UP, C-UP

Unlimited Titan missiles           A, B, L, UP, UP, C-UP, C-UP, C-LEFT

Unlimited weapon energy  L, Z, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN, C-DOWN, C-DOWN

Unlimited Stealth Mantle   UP, UP, UP, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, C-LEFT, C-LEFT


Attack Manmek from above. He can't attack you from this place.

Press RESET when the first screen appears. When the game restarts,
press START to skip the series of opening screens.

You can get the 8 bonus characters (Septre, Ex-Cop, Jo, Nubia,
Cerbero, Mephistofun, HK-5, Dr. Nepenthe (Nutta) ) if you find and
kill them during normal game play or on one of the eight battle mode

Your can change your ship between missions in single-player mode.
Enter the multi-player mode after starting a single player game.
Choose the desired shipa nd then press B to exit. Now select the
single-player mode from the main menu, and answer the "New Game?"-
question with "No".


For the PC version

  1. File:Forsutils-other.rar
  2. File:Forsaken-trainer.rar - God mode, ammo and weapon trainer
  3. File:For-other.rar
  4. File:Forsaken-other.rar
  5. File:For-savegame.rar

For the Nintendo 64 version

  1. File:Forsaken faq.txt
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