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Change Weather:
For rainy weather press L+R+DOWN and hold it after the transmission screen
until the track appears. To make the weather not change press L+R+UP and hold
at after the transmission screen until the track appears.

Disable opponents in Championship mode:
To disable an opponent in championship mode, just ram the back of his car. If
done correctly, his car's back wing will break and he'll be unable to go fast
until he reaches his pit stop. You must have the no collision damage option for
this to work. Otherwise your car will suffer heavy damage.

Play as Pace Car
For every time you complete championship mode a new pace car will become
available to race in ARCADE mode or High Speed mode.

Super Speed Mode
Complete Championship Mode to unlock Super Speed Mode. In this mode you can race
with 5 other drivers and corner at high speeds.

Patrick Hofmann <ph@dlh.net>

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