Fester's Quest

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are the extra lifeboxes?
A: 1. After exiting the sewers on the other side, go into the first white
      building alongside the path and head to the lower-left corner of the
      maze and walk into the wall. You'll find one lifebox.
   2. From the addams' mansion: Walk along the secret path through the
      bushes on the left side of the house. Once you're inside you'll get an
      additional lifebox.

Q: Give me some boss help!
A: Okay.

   mcwhimpie, xybar: Basically, just make sure you have large amounts of
   invisibility potions. Stay invisible to get in close and fire away with
   your fully-powered up gun/whip.

   mutilator troy, mr. thunderblade: same as above, but more difficult to
   hit with a gun or whip; use invisibilty and homing missiles until the
   boss dies.

   main computer: First, destroy the bottom two lasers with invisibility and
   your gun. The rest is easy; destroy the final laser port with homing
   missiles and you're done.
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