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Frequently Asked Questions

"All in all, a well-rounded adventure" -vg&ce, april 1990, 7/10

Q: Look, could you explain the deal about fountains near the start of the
A: Well, when you reach the town of Apolune, you find out that there are
   three fountains you have to restart or whatever by touching them. Once you
   do this the game lets you go on. One is inside the joker door, one is
   inside the jack door, and a third is to the right and up from the joker
   door (you need to use winged boots to access it). Once you get these
   three going the fourth will show up just outside the jack door.

Q: Where's the 'ring of ruby' I need or something?
A: Inside the joker door in the town of Apolune.

Q: I've found the Battle Suit and Battle Helmet, but I can't equip them..?!
A: You still need to find the Battle Sword. The items work only as a trio
   for some reason.

Q: pfffft, so where's the Battle Sword?
A: From the town of Dartmoor, go left one screen, down one screen, left one
   screen, down one screen, and right two screens. Enter the door; this takes
   you to the Fortress. Once inside, go right once, down once, right three
   times, and up once. Enter the door, kill the person there, and you get the

Q: I don't like repeating mazes very much; give me some directions for the
   last fortress.
A: Down x1, left x2, down x1, left x1, up x2, right x1, up x1, and left x1.
   Enter the door and you're at the final enemy.

A note: Whenever you come to the king with exactly 0 money, he will give you
1500 gold. You can use this to your advantage if you're careful enough as to
what you choose to buy at the start of the game ...


aLf?cv?,IJNJjMFukpYQha   - Dartmoor
B4qMAPtkCEAYxzwhA        - Forepaw
zKPcAvt1iEQoFzwhAxjA     - Mascon
Raz8Mvu0CIUKLhsHwgWEA    - Victim
DL7,cv20SoWOx2XIbBL4PhA  - Daybreak


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