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 Unlimited Money and Jet
 In the Den, there is a thug named Joey. He will try to sell you the drug
 "Jet". Talk to him and he'll ask you for $500 a dose. When you first talk
 to him, have less than $500 in your inventory and say you'll buy it. He
 will say you don't have enough money and tell you not to buy it anywhere
 else. There will be an option that says "Wait, I'll buy it". Click on that
 and he'll say "You'll be coming back". Then say "Maybe". In your
 inventory, you will have the jet, without even paying for it. Here comes
 the best part! Go into his inventory by using the steal skill. He will
 have the $500 you were supposed to give him. You can then steal that
 money! You may do this as many times you wish for unlimited money and jet.

 Unlimited experience and books
 Once you get to NCR( New California Republic ),go into the city. next go
 right one building and down unstill you see a female character and a robot
 just waiting outside of the building. 9 out of 10 times I ran past her she
 cries out for help. HELP HER! She brings you into the building that she
 was standing in front of. There will be a guy going to blow himself up,
 just let him blow up. Because of the explosion he damaged the regulator
 console for the power. Quickly repair it and talk to the lady she will
 give you some books and you get 3000 exp points.
 Now you just repair it again and talk to the lady again and she will give
 you more books and you get 3000 exp points for "repairing the console".�
 keep doing this to get unlimited exp points and books. I tried this and I
 never regretted it.

 By Bani, bani.20m.com


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