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 Type in the code (lower case) then hit the [-] key on the number pad

 bod             - Enable cheat mode
 bing            - Disable cheat mode
 dunky           - Highscore entry and back to main menu
 bucketofchicken - View from behind
 babapapa        - More credits
 bungle          - ???
 crystaltips     - 1 additional life
 albertofrog     - Super granades
 mrbenn          - Skip level
 zippy           - Infinite health
 triz            - Triangle info

 Start the game with one of the following command line parameters:

 -mumford              Hodspodkins Mode
 -whostayedlate        Rockhard Mode
 -whostayedlateagain   Easteregg Mode

Unlimited Health Player 1:
 800a6396 0063

Unlimited Continues Player 1:
 800a0618 0005

Unlimited Lives Player 1:
 800a6364 0063

Maximum Score Player 1:
 800a6344 6e7f
 800a6346 0651

Stop Timers:
 800a0834 012b

Rapid Fire Player 1:
 800a6384 0000

All Passcards:
 800b6b84 0101
 800b6b82 0100
 800b6b86 0001

Unlimited Ammo Player 1:
 50001202 0000
 800a63c8 03e7
 800a63be 03e7

Unlimited Laser Site Player 1:
 800a63f8 0001

Unlimited Orbs Player1:
 800a6352 0003

All Keys:
 800b6bac 0500


  1. File:Exp-trainer.rar - Start the program - it's self explaining
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