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Skip the Speech:
Press B before a move is made during a battle, and you will skip throught
the speech.

Change Costumes:
Press X at the character select screen to change your costume.

Patrick Hofmann <ph@dlh.net>

To access Evolution's cheat features:

1) Open the Find dialog (Ctrl+F)

2) Hold down the left mouse button, Shift key, and Control key.

3) Right double-click in the upper left corner of the Find dialog just
   below the title bar (the target is only 20 x 20 pixels).

4) A plain grey dialog will appear with a text field. Type any of the
   following codes into the field and press the Enter key. (Note that
   some codes require that a creature be selected first.)

Code:                  Result:
----                   ------
xocontrolmagic         The selected (enemy) creature's species
                       and all creatures currently living in
                       that species, now belong to you.
xofeedmeseymouria      Opens a new map window which displays
                       feeding colors instead of terrain and is
                       set to 25% zoom (very ugly, but very
xospawn                Spawns the currently selected creature.
xobfam                 Boosts the population of the selected
                       creature to 999 (stands for "Be-Fruitful-
xokewldewdz -or-       Puts headshots of the development team on
xok00ld00dz            the map in place of trees, swamps, cactii,etc.

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