Empire Strikes Back

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Ice Cave tip
  On the first stage in the ice caves, always use the blaster against ice walls
  and floors to see if you can melt them.

How to beat AT-ST's in Level 3
  In Level 3, to beat AT-ST's, duck until it comes, then when it comes right
  over the top of you, swing your lightsabre up and then jump over top of it and
  swing it again (your jump gets charged when ducking).

How to beat Emperial AT-AT Walkers in Level 2
  In the second Level you can beat the Emperial AT-AT Walkers easier on foot
  with Luke by getting between it's legs and pressing Up and the A button at the
  same time.

Hints by Felipe Gerhard - felipe.gerhard@gmx.net


0103 BEFF  unlimited continues
0104 BEFF  unlimited lives
0204 BFFF  unlimited energy

ARCs by:
  - Kevin J.
  - Marko Reiner (Woodsdog@gmx.de)

 Hold down the HELP key and type XIFARG ROTKEV. You can now
 use the number keys to play the sampled speech and L, C, & D
 to bring up pictures of Luke, C3PO & Darth Vader.

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