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4th Weapons

Upgrade you blacksmith skill in whatever weapon you are using to level 4.
Unlockable              How to Unlock
4th Weapons             Now in a battle after that, you need to get 500 kills. You will be awarded the weapon after you beat the level.

Empire Mode Scenarios

Unlockable              How to Unlock
A Divided Land          Complete Dong Zhou in Luo Yang Scenario
Battle of Guan Du       Complete A Divided Land Scenario
Dong Zhou in Luo Yang   Complete Yellow Turban Rebellion Scenario
Flames over Chi bi      Complete Battle of Guan Du Scenario

Extra Item Slot and 1000 KO Medal

Earning 1000 KOs with any character in any difficulty in any stage, and either in Free or Empire Mode, will give that character a medal for 1000 KOs and also an extra item slot. The character does not have to be Max Rank to gain the item slot, and will have a total of 6 item slots at Max Rank.
Unlockable              How to Unlock
Extra Item Slot & 1000 KO Medal	Earn 1000 KOs with any character in any stage on any difficulty.

Special Settings for Empire Mode

Unlockable              How to Unlock
Executions/Old Age DeathBeat Empire Mode once
Isolate                 Beat Empire Mode once
Unlimited Time          Beat Empire Mode once

Unlock Different Attire for Create a Player

Complete the Yellow Turban campaign in Empire Mode to unlock:
Unlockable              How to Unlock
Customizable Options Menu	Beat Yellow Turban Campaign in Empire mode
Locked Attire Choices in Edit Mode	Beat Yellow Turban Campaign in Empire mode

Instant edit character training glitch

This requires a save in Empire Mode with edited characters and experience enabled.

1: Train your edited characters to whatever extent you wish in Empire Mode.

2: Delete the character(s) you want to be replaced and make your new character(s). Save your changes.

3: Clear Empire Mode with the save you trained your characters in and save.

All your edited characters will instantly reach whatever rank and stats the characters in your Empire Mode game have, even if the new characters are completely different.

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