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Duke Nukem 3D Hints

How to finish the game on "DAMN I'M GOOD" skill?

This skill has the same number of monsters as "COME GET SOME" skill,
only they respawn after 10 seconds from when you kill them.
They will not respawn if you blast them.
You can do this with the RPG, Devastator, Pipe Bomb, Laser Tripbomb,
Shrinker, Freezer weapons(in Atomic edition you can use the Expander too)
If they die and their corpses are still there, destroy the corpses.
The realy hard part is when you start only with the pistol, you have to find
a RPG or a Pipe Bomb fast, so you have to know the levels perfectly and
were the monsters are. I advise you to play the game at COME GET SOME skill
before DAMN I'M GOOD. It's a big advantage to know all the secrets, so take
a list of secrets and read it carefuly.
Anyway you don't have to destroy all the monsters, you don't have enough ammo.
A good strategy is to run to the EXIT.
By the way, you cannot cheat at this skill!

Additional strategies: How to destroy the monsters without the big weapons?

1.Kill (with a pistol or shotgun) the flying monsters way up in the air
(use the Jetpack), when they fall to the ground they smash to pieces.

2.You can use the Protozoid Slimer monster to your advantage. This green slimes
will eat everything in their way, even other monsters(dead or alive), so
you might wanna think twice before you kill them or the eggs they come from.
They will follow you and will eat everything that stands between you and him.
Becouse of the dangerous situation you will be in, it's best to kill the
monsters with a basic weapon first and then let the Slimer do his job.

3.Other ways to destroy the monsters are smashing doors, ceilings, explosions
from fire extinguishers etc.

Written by K'tav Nekros: ktav@metallica.com


All Weapons from Brandon
To get all weapons press start during the game and press z,x,x,z,y,z,y,x, and y.
Then you should have all weapons, keys, and items.

God Mode from Brandon
Press start during the game and press x,z,z,x,y,x,y,z, and y. That will give your
guy unlimited health.

Level select from Brandon
At Main options screen press x,y,z,z,y,x,y,z, and y. If right you will see level
select in blue words at bottom of the screen.


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