Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II

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Fight Cooler (Extra Boss)

After you find all 7 Nameks take them home and Cooler will be waiting to fight you. The dialogue before the battle will be different if you use Trunks or Goku.

Unlock Mr. Satan (Hercule)

Unlockable ................ How to Unlock
Unlock Mr. Satan (Hercule) To unlock Mr. Satan, simple get everyone but Goku to Level 50 and then go through each character's Level 50 Area and collect their Character Trophies. Then, simply beat the game and you'll get Goku's Trophy, with a message of Mr. Satan now being playable.

Unlockable Trophies and Character

Heres how you get the five trophies and the extra character.
Unlockable ................ How to Unlock
Gohan ..................... Get him to level 50
Goku ...................... Get him to level 50
Hercule ................... Get all five trophies
Piccolo ................... Get him to level 50
Trunks .................... Get him to level 50
Vegeta .................... Get him to level 50

Auto charge

While playing as Vegeta charge up the big bang attack as soon as you start charging pause the game and Let go of the charge button then unpause the game and it will charge automatically

Alternative Ending

To see the other ''special'' ending to the game, unlock Mr. Satan and get him to Level 50. Then, go to West City and break down the Level 50 door to ZZTV and you'll see a different ending to the game.

Free Healing Items

In the Capsule Corparation, go to Level 2. There, talk to Mrs. Briefs. She will give you a cookie. Continue talking to her, and she will never stop giving you cookies. These restore a small amount of HP every time you eat one.

Gohan's Tropy

To get Gohan's Trophy , simply get to Level 50 with Gohan then go to the ''50'' gate outside Gingertown to collect the trophy.

Goku's Tropy

To get Goku's Trophy , simply finish the game.

Piccolo's Tropy

To get Piccolo's Trophy , simply get to Level 50 with Piccolo then go to the ''50'' gate at Namek planet to collect the trophy.

Play as Hercule

To play as Hercule , simply collect all 5 trophies.

Trunks' Tropy

To get Trunks' Trophy , simply get to Level 50 with Trunks then go to the ''50'' gate at West City to collect the trophy.

Vegeta's Tropy

To get Vegeta's Trophy , simply get to Level 50 with Vegeta then go to the ''50'' gate at Northern Mountains to collect the trophy.

Wierd way to level up

When you can get to the part where the old man steals the key from the mayor, you have to chase him back to his house. When you go inside his house you'll see a blue punching bag. If you continuously hit it you will slowly gain experience.

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