Donkey Kong Country

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Start the game with 50 lives
Before starting the game, go to the Game Select screen. Go to Erase
(don't select it) and press B, A, R, R, A, L. Choose a file and you'll
begin the game with 50 lives.

Cheaty by Camilo (

Unlimited Lives
Begin a game and go through the first level.
Go back into this first level and lose all of
your lives. When Cranky Kong appears,
press DOWN, Y, DOWN, DOWN, Y to
enter a secret bonus area that contains
loads of 1-ups. Do a quick escape to return
to the game by holding START and tapping

Ultimate Cheats
To activate these cheats, highlight an empty game
slot and press: LLRLLRLRLR. Now enter these
five-letter codes to activate some really neat cheats.

HARDR              This will remove all the DK Barrels
              from the game
ERASE              Delete all the high scores from the
TUFST              Remove all DK and Star Barrels;
              complete the game in this mode
              to obtain the fabled 105%
ASAVE              This handy little number will
              automatically save your game
              every time a stage is finished.

All Bonus Coins
Get all 85 Bonus coins immediately! Highlight an
empty save slot and press LLRLLRLRLR, then
enter WATER when requested. Now start your game,
jump into the water and swim inside the waterfall. Now
play the Simon game to win a special coin giving you
all 85 Bonus coins.

Cheats by Tom de Goeij -


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