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Dimensity is an immersive, intensely paced role-playing/action game with unique 3D fantasy setting - a venture through hostile lands and fight numerous enemies in a world thorn by war.

Be part of plots defending the crown, fighting for the freedom of your people or taking side paths discovering treasures and facing ancient fearsome foes.

  • Create a leader choosing from four available races (Human, Firbolg, Elemental and Ghost) with two classes each (warrior and mage).
  • Make your hero advance learning from available skills and magic spells of your choice.
  • Face more than 100 types of creatures and bosses.
  • Explore an immersive and hostile Heroic Fantasy world.
  • Raise structures of war and build an army to accompany you.
  • Play intense solo missions in the Challenges.
  • Prevail in Multiplayer game which supports up to four players.
  • Raise your level through multiple multiplayer sessions having all acquired skills and items.


  1. File:Dimensitypromo-ch.zip - +1 Promotional Trainer
  2. File:Diversedimentrn-ch.zip - +10 trainer
  3. File:Rudense11insity-ch.zip - +10 trainer for v1.1
  4. File:Blooddenserwat12-ch.zip - +10 trainer for v1.2
  5. File:Dimensity v1.2 + 11 Trainer.rar - +11 trainer for v1.2
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