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Die Hard

Infinite Lives:
 801D5930 0002

Die Hard 2 - Die Harder

Infinite Energy:
 800B95B0 0005

Unlimited Bullets (Note 1):
 801FA0F6 000F

Die Hard with a Vengeance

Infinite Time:
 801D87FC 4E80

Infinite Lives:
 800B8154 0003

Note 1: This code will give you unlimited bullets with any weapon selected and no need to reload.

Die Hard

Infinite Lives:
 801D0878 0002

Infinite Ammo:
 801C9A92 000A
 801C992A 000A

Infinite Explosive Grenades (Note 1):
 801C9A94 000A
 801C992C 000A

Infinite Flash Grenades (Note 1):
 801C9A96 000A
 801C992E 000A

Infinite Smoke Grenades (Note 1):
 801C9A98 000A
 801C9930 000A

Die Harder

Infinite Lives (Note 2):
 800B4AB0 0005

Infinite Rockets (Note 2):
 800B4AC0 000F

Infinite Grenades (Note 2):
 800B4C50 000A

Auto-reload (Note 2):
 801F6DDA 000F

Die Hard with a Vengeance

Unlimited Turbo:
 800B6FA8 0009

Unlimited Time (Note 3):
 801D73E0 7800

Unlimited Time (Alternate):
 800B71F8 5638
 801D313E 0A17
 801D73E0 4840

Unlimited Time (Alternate 2):
 800B74D0 FFEF
 801D74E0 3200
 801D73E0 4E40

Infinite Lives:
 800B6D50 0005

Note: Only have the relevant set of codes enabled at any given time to avoid possible interference
with the other sub-games.

Note 1: Grenades are incorrectly labeled in the USA manual. They should be be labeled in the
following manner:

* circular shaped - explosive
* soda can shaped - smoke
* hockey puck shaped - flash

Note 2: To use the Die Harder codes, you must start the game from the Pro Action Replay menus, the
push the switch down before the Fox intro, and finally back up again after this to avoid the game

Note 3: The 3 in this code (6th digit) is for level one. Change this to a 4 for level two, a 5 for
level three, and so on.


For the Playstation version

  1. File:Die Hard Trilogy cheats 1.txt

For the PC version

  1. File:Die Hard Trilogy cheats.txt
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