Destruction Derby

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Maximum race points:
 801E6462 6300

Cheat Menu:
For dderby at the piracy warning screen Simultaneously press and hold L1,Left,and Circle

Marc R.Clermont Jr. (

Bonus Team:
At the piracy warning screen, press L1, Left, Circle for the Reflections team.

Unfair Advantage:
For an unfair advantage, enter your name as "DERBYMAN". Most of the other cars
will start out smoking.

Bonus Track:
Start WRECKIN RACE / CHAMPIONSHIP Enter to following in the NAME screen: REFLECT! (DON'T FORGET
EXCLAMATION POINT) When main menu returns.... change
race to WRECKIN RACE / PRACTICE. Then go to course select and scroll left or
right .... you will see " Ruined Monestary" Track..!!!!

Endless Damage:
Enter as a name !DAMAGE!

Number of CPU Opponents:
Enter as name NPLAYERS

Time Cheat:
Select Total Destruction on the game menu. As soon as you start press the pause button and exit.
You have to have 0secs on the
time. This puts your name on the scoreboard with 566.?? secs. A bit pointless
but it annoys your friends.


 Type thiese codes in as your name:

 !DAMAGE!   Invulnerability
 REFLECT!   Secret track
 NPLAYER    Seclect the number of cars
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