Def Jam Vendetta

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Select "Battle Mode" and choose any type of match. Enter a User ID at the
"User Setups" menu. Hold L + R + Z at the character selection screen and
quickly enter one of the following codes.

  Arii                            A, Y, B, X, Y

  Briggs (alternate costume)      A, B, X, Y, X

  Carla                           A, Y, A, A, A
  Chukklez                        Y, Y, B, A, X
  Cruz                            X, B, A, A, X

  D-Mob                           Y, B, Y, A, X
  D-Mob (alternate costume)       Y, Y, B, Y, Y
  Dan G                           A, X, A, X, Y
  Deebo                           X, X, A, A, B
  Deja                            X, Y, X, X, A
  DMX                             X, A, X, B, Y
  Drake                           A, B, B, X, X

  Funkmaster Flex                 X, B, X, X, Y

  Headache                        B, B, B, Y, X
  House                           B, A, B, X, A

  Iceberg                         Y, B, X, Y, X

  Ludacris                        X, X, X, Y, B

  Manny (alternate costume)       X, Y, X, Y, X
  Masa                            A, X, B, Y, Y
  Method Man                      Y, X, A, B, X
  Moses                           B, B, Y, Y, A

  NORE                            X, Y, B, A, X
  Nyne                            Y, X, A, A, B

  Omar                            X, X, Y, B, B
  Opal                            X, X, Y, Y, B

  Peewee                          A, A, Y, B, Y
  Peewee (alternate costume)      A, B, B, Y, X
  Penny                           A, A, A, B, X
  Pockets                         B, Y, X, Y, A
  Proof (alternate costume)       A, Y, B, Y, X

  Razor                           B, Y, B, X, A
  Razor (alternate costume)       Y, X, A, B, B
  Redman                          X, X, B, Y, A
  Ruffneck                        A, Y, A, B, X
  Ruffneck (alternate costume)    Y, X, B, A, Y

  Scarface                        X, Y, A, B, Y
  Sketch                          B, B, X, Y, A
  Snowman                         B, B, A, A, X
  Spider (alternate costume)      Y, B, A, Y, X
  Steel                           A, B, X, X, B

  T'ai                            X, X, Y, A, X
  Tank (alternate costume)        B, Y, X, A, A

  Zaheer                          B, B, Y, A, A

Hold L + R + Z at the stage selection screen and quickly enter one of the
following codes:

  Bounty Club stage               A, Y, Y, X, X
  Club Luda stage                 X, B, Y, A, Y
  Def Jam stage                   X, A, Y, A, B
  Def Jam Vendetta stage          B, X, A, Y, Y
  Dragon House stage              B, A, Y, A, X
  Face Club After Hours stage     Y, A, Y, Y, X
  Grimeyville stage               Y, Y, Y, A, Y
  Warehouse stage                 A, A, Y, A, Y
  X's Junkyard stage              A, Y, Y, A, B

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