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Controll the Blimp

In the events were the blimp appears the 2nd player can controll it's
circular motion with the R-Shift button

Shotput Tip From Me (Dustin)

This is an undocumented feature of the shotput. When your players power
reaches the far left instead of pressing the action button, move the
D-Pad in a circular motion and you will spin like you do in the discuss.
Then release the ball.

Another way to highjump From Jeff Sideno

After selecting your height press left or right before you start running.
The camera should change angles and show another way of jumping.

Shift Camera's in Shot Put From Jeff Sideno

After throwing the shotput press Left or Right to shift the camera

Hop Scotch the 100 meters From Jeff Sideno

In the 100 Meters as the announcer says "Course #..." press up, left,
down, right, x. If done correctly you should hop scotch the race.

Extra Player From Ardy

This code has only been tested on the Japanese version. After recieving a
score of 8000+ in the arcade mode, at the main menu press and hold down X
at the desired mode of play. This will give you a new player.

Roll the 100 meter race From John Allen

In the 100 meter race when the announcer says course numbers press up,
left, down, right, Y, up, left, down, right, X. You will roll the race
instead of running it.

Alternate 100 Meter Codes From Alistair Felton

To do the roll code rotate the pad clockwise and press X
To do the hop code rotate the pad counterclockwise and press X

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