Dead to Rights

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Hold L and R and enter one of these codes after the "Press Start" screen in
"New Game". A message will confirm correct code entry.

Lazy Ass Mode (all levels, mini-games, FMVs):  DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, Y, DOWN

Unlimited health:                              B, Y, LEFT, UP, RIGHT
Unlimited Shadow Stamina:                      X, B, Y, X, DOWN
Unlimited adrenaline:                          LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, X, B
Unlimited armor:                               UP, UP, UP, B, DOWN
Unlimited dual Guncons:                        Y, X, UP, UP, UP
Unlimited human shields:                       B, Y, X, Y, B

Powered-up punches and kicks:                  DOWN, X, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT
Double melee attack damage:                    X, X, UP, UP, B
Enemies disarmed:                              RIGHT, B, LEFT, X, Y
Ignored by enemies:                            Y, Y, UP, UP, Y

10,000 Bullets Mode (unlimited ammo):          UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, X
Broomstick Mode (unlimited shotguns):          RIGHT, X, X, X, B
Chow Yun Jack Mode (double guns):              Y, X, UP, UP, UP
Time To Pay Mode (all disarms unlocked) :      B, B, X, X, RIGHT
Wussy Mode (less accurate enemies):            B, LEFT, Y, UP, DOWN
Precursor Mode (no targeting cursors):         UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP
Hard Boiled Mode (harder gameplay):            Y, B, LEFT, LEFT, X
One Hit Wonder Mode:                           DOWN, X, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT
Sharpshooter Mode:                             B, B, DOWN, RIGHT


  1. File:D2rplus4-trainer-trainer.rar - Trainer for stamnia, armor, ammo and special
  2. File:Dead to rights plus 4 trainer-ind-trainer.rar - Trainer for ammo, armor, stamnia and all these effects together
  3. File:Ims-dtr2trn-trainer.rar - Trainer for armor and adrenalin
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