Dead or Alive: Hardcore

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Change Level appearence/Starting Point:
The Aerial Garden: Select with X for Aerial Garden at dusk. Select with square for Aieral Garden during day. Select with O for The Night Of Firefly(Dark).

The White Storm: Select with X for Regular. Select with square to start in The Blue Cave.

The Dragon Hills: Select with X for regular. Select with O to start in lowest room with dragon statue.

The Demon's Church:Select with X for regular. Select with square to start on lower level.

The Crimson: Select with X for regular. Select with sqquare to start in street.

The Burai Zenin: Select with X for regular. Select with square to start on lower level

Other Levels: On most other levels selecting it with a different button will affect you startin position

Helena's 12 hit Combo:
Press Down/Forward + Punch, Forward + Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch, Down/Up + Kick, Punch, Punch, Back + Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch.

Bass's running clothesline:
Do Down+Punch+Kick (Bass's taunt), then press Punch and Kick.

Surviving Survival Mode:
Knock your opponent down, press Up + Punch + Kick to jump onto them. If done correctly, they will leave bonus points and food.

Surviving survival mode alternative:
Load survival mode and remove the disc while loading. Keep beating your opponent and when he is about to die, get him flat on the ground and do your down moves. For every hit he will give you an item. Repeat this 'till you have enough points. Replaceers on very hard difficulty.

CG Gallery:
At least win the Team Mode with 5 characters.

Fight as Bayman:
Complete the game with all original characters. You can play as Bayman in every mode which has extra slots for hidden characters.

Fight as Tengu:
Collect 10 stars in survival mode. Play as any combination of characters more than 200 times.

Change winning pose view:
Watch your winning pose and press Triangle. Use your Digital Pad to change the view. Press Square to zoom in or Circle to zoom out.

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