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Press in the ARCADE MODE down instead of START and the text of
song which is played will appear during the race!

funny initials:

Music selection

In the option screen choose Key Assign. Choose type B for the controller
setting. While choosing any track and car press and hold A, X, Y or Z
depending on which song you want to play. Hold the button untill the game
starts and listen to the song you selected.

Rocket start

While at the starting grid of the Advanced or Expert courses, hold B
(brake). Now press and hold C (accelerate). While accelerating, keeping
you RPMs between 6500 and 70. When the race starts let go of the break
but keep holding the accelerator. Get ready to fly by your opponents.

Make Jeffry do stupid poses for you

On the Expert course, drive up to the statue of Jeffry, and stop in front
of him. Press the X button rapiddly so he turns, and stands on his head.

Hear old soundtrack

Finish any race on any track. When you place your initials in, put in the
initials for any of theese old games. S.H(Space JHarrior A.B(After
Burner) O.R(Out Run). Try other initial, but remember to use 2 letters
with a period between them.

Initial that play music when entered after a race Sent by

 SEX   A.B   BNB   DST   E.R   EXN   GDA   G.F   GLC   GPR   DYN
 H.O   KOS   LGA   O.R   ORS   P.D   P.P   QTT   R.M   S.C   SDI
 S.F   S.H   SHO   SKH   SMG   T.B   TET   TOR   V.F   VFT   VMO
 V.R   .KK   DEK   YAN   M.M   KOU   HSB   TAK   KAZ   ASA   YOJ
 YUI   NAK   MIT   OKA   TRS   H.S   OSI   JIM   IGA   ANI   V.C
 K.J   MAS   KEN   AKI   ISO   AO.   KAG   YAM   KAO   SAO   NAG
 VME   A.Y   J.B   S.B   PAI   K.M   W.H   J.M   LAU   V.R   V.F

Make the tires Disappear in the Demo

Begin a game and enter the pit. Before the new tires are on and while the
old tires are off press A, B, C, and Start to reset the game. Now let the
Demo run.

Car Select

At the title screen hold down/right with L, R, C, Y. Once you have all
those buttons pressed down, hit Start.

Driving on the Grass Sent in by Jim Caris

This is more of a tip than a code. When driving the green car, or the
horses you can travel as fast on the grass, as you can on the street,
ie:no slowdowns.>

Play as the Horse the Easy Way

At the title screen hold up-left, A, B, X, Z, and press start. You can
now choose the horse.

Helicopter View

Choose Saturn Mode, next choose a track. Hold down Start as you choose a
car to race in Time/Lap mode. After finishing the race choose yes to
watch the replay. Press R at anytime to see the race from a helicopter

Speedometer Change

At the title screen hold down x+y+z on controller 2 and hit start on
controller one to change your speedometer to kilometers.

Draw the other car closer to you Sent by Dan John

At any point in the race hold down the Z button to bring the lead car
towards you. Now you can pass him easily.

Maniac Mode From Jones on AOL

To acess this, wait untill the opening demo is complete thenwhen the Sega
Logo appears, enter the following: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left,
Right, A, B, C. If it is done correctly, you will hear a sound and this
mode will allow you to play an extremely hard version of Daytona.


  1. File:Daytona USA hints.txt
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