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 This hack will allow the player to manage more than four
 clubs.  When he reaches the max number of managers allowed,
 you can edit the savegame file and then the number of
 managers to one, and then add another three managers. The
 player can repeat this exercise as many times as they want,
 this allowing the player to buy players from other clubs,
 and sell their own crap players at incredibly high prices
 and take as much money from other clubs as they want.

 First, load the game, choose the new game option.  Enter
 manager to start with, and enter your name.  Use manager
 one as your primary club. (it makes it alot easier).  Next,
 add another manager and choose a club.  You might like to
 buy their players or sell your own players to them at very
 high prices. Repeat the above step two more times to create
 managers three and four. Now resign the last three managers
 (manager 2, 3, and 4), but don't resign the primary manager.
 Save your game in slot one.  Quit, and back up the
 SVGAMEG1 file.

 Using a hex editor, edit the file SVGAMEG1, doing the

 Find Address: 43434
 change it from: 04 to: 01

 Save the changes, and reenter your savegame.  You'll be back
 to managing your current primary club, and have three spare
 managers available.

 Also, the best way to fix a game, is to click on a reserves
 team as opposition, and field as many reserves as possible.
 Also on the tactics team, put the goalie in a forward

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