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Extra Lives
and Invincibility
Start an adventure game and press start(to pause) during gameplay. Now press L1,L1,L2,L1,
press start to unpause, then press start to pause the game again. Now press to the right
to add an extra life, and every odd life also makes the player invincible. You will hear a
sound to confirm that you did the code right.

Luis Muniz

Level Select:
Select Adventure Mode and press R1, R1, R2, R1 at the level select. A
sound confirms your entry.

Endless Lives in Adventure Mode:
 800BA5AC 0003

Endless Lives in Arcade Mode for Player 1:
 80096A40 0003

Endless Lives in Arcade Mode for Player 2:
 80096A44 0003


Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.
Unlockable ..... How to Unlock
Barren (20) .... Destroy all mushrooms on the screen Centipede: - Default difficulty.
Entity (20) .... Have 3 lives in hand: Millipede - Default difficulty
Eradicate (20) . Reach wave 8 without a millipede reaching the bottom: Millipede - Default difficulty.
Exterminate (20) Reach wave 8 without a centipede reaching the bottom: Centipede - Default difficulty.
Lunatic (20) ... Score 25,000 points: Millipede - Throttle Monkey mode.
Maniac (20) .... Score over 15,000: Centipede - Throttle Monkey mode.
Marauder (10) .. Score 125,000 points: Millipede - Default difficulty.
Poison (20) .... Destroy a spider for 1800 points: Millipede - Default difficulty.
Prowler (10) ... Score over 41,916 to get on the high score table: Millipede - Default difficulty.
Slayer (10) .... Score over 16,543 to beat the high score table: Centipede - Default difficulty.
Spirit (20) .... Have 3 lives in hand: Centipede - Default difficulty.
Stalker (10) ... Score over 50,000 points: Centipede - Default difficulty.

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