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Infinite Health (Note 1):
 D21FBD84 0020
 801FBD84 01F4

Infinite Fools Gold:
 8007EB4C 00FF

Infinite Iron Keys:
 8007EB44 00FF

Infinite Brass Keys:
 D21FBD84 0020

Note 1: Health code will only work on Action Replay version 2.2 or Equaliser.

Secret Room:
On level one, go all the way up the stairs and turn left, then use the "Drift"
cheat and drift over the walls and go down. There is a secret room.

Fly Throuh Walls:
Move Casper to the upper left corner of any game location. Hold Up/Left + L1 +
R1 + Start to pause the game. Release Up/Left + L1, and press Down/Right +
Triangle while continuing to hold R1 + Start. The game will resume in free
movement mode. Press R1, then use the D-pad to fly over any wall. Press L1 if
you want to play game in normal game play.

Defeating the Ghosts
1. Fatso near kitchen (Feed him hamburgers)
2. Stinky (spray perfume on him)
3. Stretch (use glue)
4. Fatso in bathtub (use camera)
5. General Fatso (use wind up key then hammer the tanks)
6. Farmer Stinky (use hammer and chisel to carve the stone in Caspers Image)
7. Graveyard Stretch (Use twister morph to lure him into grave dig site)

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