Burnout 2: Point Of Impact

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� Unlock all cheats:
  Use a memory card with a saved game from "Burnout" with free mode unlocked
  and load this saved game.

� How to unlock cheats the normal way:
   - Invulnerability:  Complete all Grand Prix Championships with gold medals.
   - Runaway:          Complete Crash Mode with all gold medals on all fifteen
                       tracks. (It's a free-play type Crash mode with no goals
                       or brakes. Hold R to boost at the start.)
   - Freerun:          Complete the Custom Series Championship.
   - Unlimited Boost:  Unlock everything in the Custom Series Championship.

� Hidden modes:
  Face Off:                         Win all the "Face Offs" in the first
  Two Player Pursuit:               Win Pursuit 3.
  Multiplayer Mode:                 Win the first set of "Offensive Driving 101

� Hidden cars:
  Police car:                       Win Pursuit 1 by destroying the criminal's
                                       car before it gets away.
  Classic 1970 car:                 Win Pursuit 2 by destroying the classic 1970
                                       car with the police car.
  Gangster car:                     Win Pursuit 3.
  Custom SUV:                       Win Pursuit 4.
  Custom Pickup truck:              Win Pursuit 5.
  Custom Muscle car:                Win Pursuit 6.
  Custom Compact car:               Win the Custom Series Qualifier.
  Custom Coupe car:                 Win all gold medals at the "Split Second"
                                       Grand Prix.
  Custom Roadster:                  Win all gold medals at "Point Of Impact"
                                       Grand Prix.
  Custom Sport car:                 Win all gold medals at "Speed Streak"
                                       Grand Prix.
  Drivers Ed car:                   Win all gold medals in the "Offensive
                                       Driving 101 Competition".
  1997 Eclipse and 2001 Focus SVT:  Win the Custom championship two times and
                                       get best score possible in the races.
  Hot Rod car:                      Win Face Off 1.
  Stock car:                        Win Face Off 2.
  Japanese Muscle car:              Win Face Off 3.
  Super Car:                        Win Face Off 4.

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